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Used Semi-Trailers
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Mckinney Trailer Rentals isn't just a leading provider of trailer equipment for rent or lease. If you've ever searched for "used semi-trailers for sale near me," you've come to the right place. We have a large selection of used trailers for sale.

When you buy a used tractor-trailer from Mckinney, you're buying a piece of equipment that's been inspected by certified maintenance technicians, which creates efficiencies, increased productivity and less downtime for you.

We understand that reliability from a flexible partner is a must—exactly when you need it. This is why we make selecting the right trailer for your needs as simple as possible. Every Mckinney used semi-trailer for sale is backed by expert guidance, honesty, integrity and an easier way of doing business.

Mckinney also has financing available through multiple lenders and can handle almost every credit situation, often with no money down and low payments. Also, if you have excess trailers or just want to enhance your cash position, we’ll buy your trailers and lease them back to you. If you’re looking to sell, just give us a call with your current inventory.

Advantages of Buying Used

  • Cheaper upfront cost and lower depreciation: New trailers are expensive and in high demand in this market. Used trailers have a lower purchase cost, no F.E.T. tax and lower total depreciation cost. The lower costs upfront also means that a change of course down the line is not as much of a blow to your wallet when a particular trailer doesn’t work out the way you might have initially intended. While a new trailer loses a great portion of its value the moment it drives off the lot, older trailers lose value at a much slower rate, which can improve the resale value as well.
  • Less risk involved: Because the initial cost is lower, it also reduces your risk factors in terms of financial loss. A low initial investment helps you keep your losses in check if you decide on using your trailer seasonally, are trying out a new lane or segment of business or simply shifting the direction of the company.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

“In 26 years you learn what’s important to not only your business, but to your customer’s business and that’s honesty, dedication, integrity, and a great product for a fair price. Mckinney provides an extension of each customer that they support, whether it be vans, reefer trailers or chassis. They have always come through for me and they believe in what has been forgotten by so many, a handshake. Mckinney has been there with me for a long time and has been such a great provider and partner that in return for their handshake, we entertain no other equipment leasing companies.”

–Frank Wolf, C.O.O Pacific Cascade Trucking

Available Semi-Trailer Inventory

Looking for high-quality trailers to add to your fleet permanently? Our certified used equipment inventory includes trailers that have been serviced by our expert technicians with your safety in mind.

Our commonly available inventory includes:

28' Reefer Vans

48' Dry Vans

53' Reefer Vans

53' Dry Vans

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For over 30 years, Mckinney has been a leading provider of trailers for rental, lease or purchase. We’re proud to offer reliable trailers, personalized customer service and competitive pricing.

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Need to reliably and quickly grow your fleet? You may find that leasing is a better option. Looking to increase your fleet to meet peak season demand? Renting may be the way to go. If you have questions about whether renting or leasing is right for you, or you want to look into our leasing and rental options, we can help!

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