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Is Your Semi-Trailer Rental and Leasing Provider up to the Task?

Posted by Rich Loughran on Dec 2, 2020 2:32:27 PM

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Having challenges with your current semi-trailer rental and leasing company running out of equipment? Are you running into quality and pricing issues? Are you consistently dealing with other challenges the vendor's unable to resolve? Whatever the case, it may be time to look for a new partner.

But where do you start? How can you tell if the trailer provider you’re looking for:
  • Will always have the number of high-quality trailers you need to consistently meet your fleet requirements?
  • Can support you with in-depth expertise and customized services at a competitive price?
The right trailer rental companies offer a range of services, technology and equipment that help make your supply chain efficient and effective. In this blog, we’ll discuss what you should consider before hiring a semi-trailer rental and leasing company to make sure they’re up to the task.

GPS Tracking

You should be able to control your inventory and improve your margins with smart asset management technology. By adding additional transparency to your trailers, you'll get the data you need to make informed decisions.

Whether you add a dry van or reefer trailer to your fleet, you’ll be able to easily track your trailers and find out other important data from the convenience of your desktop or mobile device.

Customer Portal

A customer portal will ensure you can easily find all of your documentation in one spot online, 24/7. You should always be able to access:
  • Equipment details: Information about all of the trailers you have in your rental fleet, your rental history and contract details.
  • Invoices: All those outstanding, as well as all past invoices.
  • Maintenance Details: All current and past work order requests and details on inspections.


Some tractor-trailer rental and leasing companies may only offer storage trailers, while others may only offer dry van trailers.

Look for a company that can help you meet the demands of a changing marketplace with a wide variety of trailer sizes and equipment types, including: 

Full-Service Trailer Maintenance

Having the equipment you need isn’t enough. You also need to be sure that it stays on the road for as long as possible and functions at its best. When looking for a new semi-trailer rental and leasing company, make sure they offer full-service trailer maintenance, are staffed with certified service technicians and can provide 24/7 emergency roadside service.

By having well-maintained trailers in operation, you experience less downtime and realize substantial cost savings, especially in the long-term.

Delivery, Repositioning and Convenient Trailer Pick Up

Trailer Delivery and Repositioning

Most trailer rental companies rely on outside vendors to deliver and reposition their trailers, which isn't only inefficient, but it doesn’t put your needs first. Find a trailer rental company that understands how hectic your schedule can be and offers repositioning and delivery services that save you time, flex to your schedule and adjust to your needs.

Convenient Trailer Pick Up

Drivers like to drive, and when they’re not driving, they don’t like to wait around very long. So when trailer rental companies tell you your trailer number and make you drive into their lot to retrieve it—or even make you move other trailers out of the way—this is a hassle and an inefficiency that costs you money.

The pick-up process should be easy and hassle-free. Your trailer should be out front and pre-inspected when you pull up to the location. To ensure you and your drivers stay safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic, look for contactless pick-ups where your drivers stay in their trucks and all contracts are emailed.

Consultative Support

It’s also important that your trailer rental or leasing company has a dedicated staff for consultative support that can help you determine the best trailer for your application or whether renting or leasing is right for you. Make sure they take a proactive approach, providing prompt and innovative service for your particular needs.

Have an Immediate Need to Supplement Your Trailer Fleet?

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Rich Loughran

Written by Rich Loughran

Rich Loughran is the Sr. EVP of Sales for Mckinney Trailer Rentals and has been leading the Mckinney sales team for over 21 years. He lived in the PNW for 15 years but is now back to his native Northern California where he was raised and attended Chico State. Rich loves spending time with family and friends, especially around the water, boating and waterskiing.

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