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Trailer Tracking

Gain Efficiencies and Transparency With Real-Time Semi-Trailer Tracking

At no cost to you, Mckinney's trailers are equipped with SkyBitz GPS technology, which provides real-time trailer tracking for all of your shipments.

With Mckinney’s semi-trailer tracking solution you can:

  • Prevent asset theft: Know where your trailer and cargo is at all times for enhanced security protection for high-value loads.
  • Improve trailer utilization: Help reduce major trailer purchases and rentals.
  • Create and monitor geofences: If your shipments move outside of the defined geographical coordinates you create, you'll be notified.
  • Improve your dispatching operations: Reduce fuel and staffing costs to ensure optimal operating conditions and efficiency.
  • Gain complete real-time visibility: Easily track your detained and idle trailers.
  • Receive accurate GPS mileage billing: We use your actual mileage, so we never under or overbill using estimates.
  • Visually monitor cargo: View trailer capacity via an in-trailer camera system (available in select dry van trailers only).

All of this information can be accessed via desktop or mobile device.


Reefer Telematics for Compliance and Safety

When shipping perishable goods, you need to know that your shipments remain within a specific temperature range.

That's why our refrigerated trailers can come equipped with industry-leading semi-trailer tracking technologies (ORBCOMM on our Carrier units and TracKing on our ThermoKing units).

Mckinney’s reefer telematics capabilities include:

  • Temperature management: Manage the refrigeration unit with two-way control setting. Plus, monitor and adjust temperatures, and monitor modes of operation, fuel consumption, engine hours and battery status to ensure compliance, minimize risk and enhance efficiency.
  • Real-time alerts: When issues occur, alerts will be sent via email or SMS. You'll be notified when the reefer’s temperature is outside the normal range, a unit is turned off, low battery levels are detected, fuel level is low and more.
  • GPS features: Provide accurate locations of your fleet at all times on a map that allows you to set up geofencing, monitor vehicle routes, provide theft protection and improve fleet utilization.
  • Automated data collection and record keeping processes: In addition to monitoring the reefer's temperature, you can easily provide proof of temperature and adhere to Food Safety Modernization Act (FMCSA) temperature regulations.
  • Advanced reports: Improve operational efficiency and track engine health and hours of operation, fuel usage, geofences, inventory management and more.


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Add additional transparency, efficiency and safety to your shipping by getting the data you need to make informed decisions. When you partner with Mckinney Trailer Rentals, you gain access to the technologies and consultative guidance you need for success.

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