Avoid warehouse capacity issues and find parking spaces - store your trailers at yards throughout the Western U.S. and 
Sell Your Trailers

Sell Your Trailers to Mckinney to Bring Flexibility to Your Supply Chain

Flexibility means everything in transportation and logistics, especially when you're faced with supply chain challenges. Sometimes the flexibility you're looking for can come from unexpected places, like your used and unused semi-trailers.

At Mckinney Trailer Rentals, we can:

  • Buy your fleet trailers and lease them back to you, so you can take the hassle out of maintaining your fleet and free up cash flow.
  • Buy your surplus trailers, so you can turn excess equipment into a quick profit.

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Why Sell to Mckinney?

Selling your trailers to Mckinney is quick, convenient and cost-effective.

Quick: Expect faster payments and pickups compared to the competition. We guarantee it.

Convenient: We're easier to work with than dealers and brokers.

Cost-Effective: We pay more than dealers and brokers, and our lease rates are always competitive.

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“Mckinney is a pleasure to work with. We choose Mckinney because of their reliability and pricing.”

– Merina Lucero, Organic Milling



Reach out to understand how selling your trailers to Mckinney can help you increase cash flow and bring flexibility to your supply chain. 

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