Avoid warehouse capacity issues and find parking spaces - store your trailers at yards throughout the Western U.S. and 
Semi-Trailer Pick-up, Delivery and Repositioning

The Most Efficient Trailer Pick-up, Delivery and Repositioning Services in the Industry

Other trailer companies tell you your trailer number and make you drive into their yard to retrieve it. Sometimes you even need to move other trailers out of the way. This process isn't just a hassle for your driver, it's an inefficiency that costs you money.

At Mckinney Trailer Rentals, our valet service ensures that your trailer will be out front and pre-inspected when you pull up to one of our convenient branch locations. There are no wait times. All your driver needs to do is review and sign the trailer inspection report and they're on their way. The entire process takes minutes.

That's why drivers love coming to Mckinney—the trailer pick-up process is just that easy.

Special Contactless Trailer Pick-up

To ensure you and your drivers stay safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our pick-ups are now contactless. It's the same easy process it's always been, but we're taking these extra precautions out of concern for your health:

  • Your drivers stay in their trucks
  • Our staff is required to wear gloves and masks at all times
  • There's no paperwork to handle—all contracts are emailed and conveniently stored on your MyMckinney Customer Portal

Customer service can be contacted at any time over the phone or online. Find your local branch.


Time-Saving, Customer-First Trailer Delivery and Repositioning Services

Most trailer companies rely on outside vendors to deliver trailers and don’t offer repositioning services. This isn't only inefficient; it doesn't put your needs first.

Because we know how hectic your schedule can be, we offer semi-trailer repositioning and delivery services—using our own trucks and drivers—that save you time, flex to your schedule and adjust to your needs.

Mckinney will:

  • Accommodate quick-turnarounds and schedule changes: Because we use our own assets and drivers or trusted contractors, we always know their location. This allows us schedule flexibility and efficiency. As a result, we can even provide repositioning and trailer delivery services with very little notice.
  • Focus on your experience: You deserve a positive, stress-free experience and it's our goal to take the extra steps to ensure that you get one. Our drivers are trained to be customer-service-oriented and will adjust to changes in plans—repositioning trailers to different locations to free up a dock and working with you to ensure your trailer is exactly where you need it to be.




"Mckinney is great. Not only do they offer quality equipment, but also competitive pricing.

Our account rep has provided exceptional customer service which is hard to find these days."

– Guadalupe Reyes, Crane Freight & Cartage


When you rent, lease or buy from Mckinney, your business operations become more reliable and timely. Our trailer pick-up, delivery and repositioning services play a big part in that.

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