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How Semi-Trailer Leasing Companies Can Fill Equipment Gaps for Trucking Companies

Posted by Mckinney Team on Mar 17, 2023 10:30:00 PM

Mckinney-Semi-Trailer-FleetIf you’re running a trucking company or working as an owner-operator, you know all too well that there are supply chain issues throughout the industry right now. Drivers and even basic equipment are in short supply while demand is soaring. Finding the right partner may be the only way to keep your business growing against these headwinds.

When AMA Transportation, a trucking company with offices in Mexico and Texas, started experiencing rapid growth a couple of years ago, they turned to trailer leasing to help fuel their expanding business.

“We had more loads than equipment, and we wanted to work with a company that could keep up with our growth,” said Agustín Martínez of AMA. “We started working with Mckinney Trailer Rentals by leasing just a couple of trailers. Their pricing and service were good, and as we’ve needed more equipment, they always have it available for all kinds of freight.” 

Partnering With a Trailer Leasing Company Fuels Growing Businesses 

Leasing has helped fuel exponential growth at AMA, which has grown 200% since first working with Mckinney. Today, at least half of the trailers AMA uses come from Mckinney, including dry vans, flatbeds and specialized gear like extendable flatbeds. AMA has leased as many as 30 trailers at a time from Mckinney.

“Leasing provides the right trailers at the right time for the right projects,” said Martínez. “They have helped our growth because whenever we need anything, they have it. When we need a trailer for a project, they provide it as fast as they can. It’s very good service.”

Planning Pays Off During a Supply Chain Crisis

The persistent shortages in trucking mean that sourcing equipment like trailers isn't always as simple as picking up the phone. AMA has taken a proactive approach that has helped them grow. Through meticulous planning and anticipating needs, AMA works with Mckinney to secure trailers a month in advance, which has allowed AMA to get exactly what they need when they need it, even during this supply chain crisis. 

Overcome Equipment Gaps by Partnering With a Semi-trailer Leasing Company

Leasing a semi-trailer from Mckinney provides more benefits than increasing capacity and driving growth. It means peace of mind, flexibility and cost savings thanks to:

  • Specialized trailers like reefers, liftgates and expandable flatbeds
  • High-quality equipment that’s rigorously maintained in maintenance shops located at every Mckinney branch
  • Transportation options for delivery, pickup and repositioning of trailers
  • The MyMckinney Customer Portal, which shows detailed equipment lists, registrations, maintenance requests and inspection documents, invoices, report options and free trailer tracking. 

To see how trailer leasing can help fill equipment gaps and provide needed flexibility, contact Mckinney or request a quote.

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