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Flatbeds Can Solve Shipping Challenges

Posted by Mckinney Team on May 2, 2022 10:00:00 AM

mckinney-flatbedsThe transportation and logistics industry continues to feel the strain of securing more trailers and equipment. Supplies of dry vans are low and demand only continues to rise, which is why it is the perfect time to think creatively about options like flatbeds. 

Flatbeds are ideal for large, heavy and oddly shaped loads, and can generally handle more payload than dry vans, potentially saving trips and money. 

As we enter the warmer months and infrastructure spending begins to climb, it could be even more difficult to secure equipment needed to keep your business rolling. That’s why now is the time to secure your equipment for your upcoming needs, especially flatbeds.

And when you lease or rent through Mckinney Trailer Rentals, you’ll be assured reliable gear backed by exceptional service.

Extensive flatbed trailer leasing & rental options

Mckinney offers an extensive range of heavy haul flatbed trailers that include double-drop, stretch trailers with a third axle, and more. These are essential for meeting needs in the oil & gas industry, as well as infrastructure projects, electrical and energy projects and construction jobs.

Supply issues will worsen

The federal infrastructure bill is fueling what will be a huge surge in seasonal demand. Simply getting equipment will be difficult, and prices will only increase. With scores of projects already approved, funded and planned, capturing business could come down to having the gear you need. Reserving your equipment now allows you to get the best price and ensures you’ll be ready to meet all your needs through the busy season.  

“We expect to see at least five years of funded work through the infrastructure bill,” said Troy Manchaca, President of Gulf States Trucking. “It will be a challenge to find equipment and drivers to execute the work.”

Renting flatbed trailers drives growth

Filling equipment gaps and helping truckers grow is what we do at Mckinney. We act as partners, providing the equipment and terms you need to capture more business and continue expanding.

For trucking company owners like Manchaca, Mckinney has made all the difference. He credits Mckinney Branch Sales Manager Nikki Qualls for some of his growth. She has worked with Manchaca from the beginning, helping take a company from $10,000 in monthly revenue to $50 million annually, running 7,000 pieces of equipment.

“I’ve been working with Mckinney for about nine years, and they’re one of only two vendors I’ve ever used that helped my company grow,” said Manchaca. “Nikki goes to bat for me and helps me get the equipment I need to grow. She believes in me and my business and has from the beginning. She showed up and literally treated us like we were a Fortune 500 company.”

Capturing new business

Gulf States Trucking generally uses long-term leases and leverages Mckinney’s national network for maintenance and repairs, but it is currently doing some short-term rentals for select projects.

“We’re doing a construction project right now that requires specialized equipment,” said Manchaca. “Mckinney has helped us with extendable flatbeds that have three or more axles.”

Manchaca also said Mckinney helped Gulf States Trucking win an $8 million annual account.

“One of our customers needed 50-60 dedicated vans,” he said. “Leasing allowed us to meet that demand and beat our competitors on price – all while providing actual assets and not brokerage accounts. It made that customer feel like they were our only customer. Mckinney’s high level of service lets us deliver a high level of service.”

Demand for Flatbeds is Rising

Check out our extensive flatbed offerings, backed by the best service in the business, and act quickly to ensure you have the right equipment to meet your customers’ needs.

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