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Yard Storage and Drop Yards Open New Opportunities

Posted by Mckinney Team on Jan 20, 2022 6:40:28 AM

mckinney-trailers-yard-storageThe supply chain challenges brought on by Covid-19—and exacerbated by a number of factors since—have been putting businesses to the test for nearly two years. Creative solutions are helping many successful companies survive and thrive in this unprecedented era.

One solution is yard storage and drop yard options from Mckinney Trailer Rentals. Customers have been leveraging this service to increase efficiency, stage excess equipment and even store crucial inventory when warehousing is scarce. Here’s how Mckinney’s drop yards have been game-changers for two customers.

Fueling Expansion With Drop Yards

Innovative Expo is a California-based provider of custom trade show exhibits and displays. As the company’s business built momentum when trade shows went back to in-person events, Innovative Expo Freight Manager Mike Hill began renting trailers from Mckinney early in 2021. He asked Mckinney Account Manager Ray Rayas to expand the relationship with the ability to store his trailers in Mckinney’s drop yards.

“The relationship with Mckinney has been beneficial for Innovative Expo,” said Hill. “Trailers are really hard to find right now, and Ray went the extra mile to find them for us. It’s made our operations much smoother.”

Innovative Expo is expanding from a smaller facility in Fontana, California. In the interim, Mckinney offered drop yard space at one of its facilities to accommodate the company’s growing needs. With up to 18 trailers moving at any given time, the added space is critical for growth.

Beyond the drop yard space, Innovative Expo has come to enjoy Mckinney’s value-added services. Through Mckinney’s tracking services, the company can efficiently trace all their trailers at any given time and receive email notifications whenever a trailer moves. Mckinney’s maintenance services provide peace of mind and reliability, leaving Innovative Expo free to focus on its growth.

“Leasing lets us not have to maintain trailers on our own,” said Hill, citing a recent case where Mckinney addressed a light malfunction very quickly to keep a shipment rolling. “The value and service have been great.”

Mckinney has been providing options for companies like Innovative Expo throughout the supply chain crisis. They understand the challenges customers face and strive to find the right solutions.

“Mckinney makes me feel like a family member and not a customer,” said Hill. “Ray has done a wonderful job. It is incredibly difficult to find trailers right now. Mckinney has been so responsive. They follow up and help us run our business. Because Innovative Expo does trade shows, timing is critical. Mckinney understands the way business is right now. Our Mckinney account manager has been patient and we have built an incredible relationship.”

Solving Inventory Challenges With Yard Storage Options

For a seasonal business, managing inventory is a challenge at the best of times. In today’s environment, it’s really a logistical puzzle—one that additional yard space can help solve.

Few businesses are more seasonal than swimming pool suppliers. Knowing that ensuring vital inventory is in place when pool season ramps up in late February, Leslie’s Pool Supplies Transportation Manager Daniel Hamlin turned to Mckinney.

Leslie’s Pool Supplies has seen a boom in business since the start of the pandemic, as consumers turned to home pools as a way to enjoy fun family time in the safety of their own property.

“It’s a crazy busy time in transportation,” said Hamlin. “And the supply chain crunch really hit us hard. With the pandemic, everyone was stuck at home, and no one could buy a pool. The supply has still not caught up to the demand.”

Hamlin has worked with Mckinney for decades. Even before his 27 years at Leslie’s, he worked with Mckinney while managing a fleet in the city of Commerce, California. “They have always been a really good provider,” he said.

Leslie’s uses Mckinney for short-term rentals and one-way service, but, recently, they relied on Mckinney for yard storage to manage excess inventory. The company’s business is growing significantly and now uses 20 Mckinney trailers along with yard storage, which is convenient and economical compared to other storage options.  

“We’re looking for every place possible to store inventory,” said Hamlin. “We’re storing inventory at Mckinney drop yards because we’re pre-ordering to prepare for supply chain issues when we start getting busy in late February. We’re buying everything we can now, and it’s difficult to find warehousing. Bringing in inventory and having a place to put it is critical right now.”

Drive Growth With Mckinney Drop Yards 

Mckinney Trailer Rentals offers all kinds of ways to keep your business rolling. To learn how our convenient drop yards can add efficiency, creatively solve supply chain problems and ultimately boost your bottom line, contact Mckinney.

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