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Leverage a Strong Market to Sell Your Semi-Trailers Quickly and Easily

Posted by Mckinney Team on Apr 27, 2022 10:46:52 AM

Selling your trailers? We want to buy them! While it may seem like an inopportune time to sell any part of your fleet, used trailers are actually fetching prices that have never been seen.

Even if you need trailers today, it could be advantageous to sell them and then lease them back. Selling used semi-trailers delivers flexibility and liquidity to your fleet while freeing a company up to focus on growth. Here are a few of the ways selling your semi-trailers to Mckinney Trailer Rentals can benefit you. 

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Cash For Trailers

Selling your surplus semi-trailers frees up space in yards and quickly delivers liquidity to your business. Whether you have one trailer or 100 to sell, Mckinney can get a fair deal done that ensures you’re paid fast. Because of our experience and the large range of semi-trailers we consider, we can make offers after inspecting or on a contingent as-is basis. We can also offer cash for a single trailer or a group of dozens. Our goal is to make the trailer sales process as easy as possible.


Selling trailers and then leasing it back is an opportunity to increase your cash flow and reduce risk, while easing the burden on your maintenance department. Some Mckinney partners choose this option because it frees up their balance sheet and ensures they have cash when they need it. 

“Leasing is the best option,” said Harman Cheema, CEO of Cheema Freightlines. “It looks better to the banks. A leasing provider can put the money down and wait for equipment, plus they’ll get better pricing.” 

At Mckinney, we provide reliable maintenance network and tracking options. When we buy a used trailer, we meticulously inspect it via one of our full-service shops. We even inspect brand-new trailers, ensuring that we meet the strict standards of the California Department of Transportation and even have a layer of safety on top of that. We do free inspections every 90 days on all leased trailers, inspecting brakes, tires, lights and other key parts of the semi-trailer.

Leasing also transfers the risks and expenses onto the owner of the trailer, rather than the lessee. The semi-trailer market ebbs and flows based on interest rates, consumer confidence and inflation. Leasing allows companies to focus on the business of transportation instead of trailer maintenance, depreciation and capital expense.

Another upside of leasing is that it ensures you have the exact quantity and specification of trailers you need at a given time. While some customers require new trailers, others do not. In some cases, a five-year-old trailer that’s well maintained is perfect for a job. Whether you need an over-the-road trailer, a local one or even one just for storage, leasing makes sure you’re not underutilizing a resource or taking risks with aging equipment. You’ll simply have a well-maintained trailer that’s exactly right for the job.

Simple and Quick

Our process is built and based on trust and experience and is typically done in a matter of days. We handle every step of the trailer sales process, including:

  • Rapid professional evaluation of equipment—if we’re nearby, we can send a technician to view it. If it’s remote, we just need to gather some basic information from the seller.
  • A competitive offer based on trailer ages, conditions and market rates.
  • Wire payment immediately after the deal is signed.
  • Arranging pick up of trailers as soon as feasible.

Importantly, Mckinney sellers rarely have issues after a sale, even for sales involving many trailers. We have proven capabilities. We assess trailers, pay in a day or two and get them out of the yard within a week. It converts a depreciating asset that might need some maintenance into a trailer that’s generating revenue.

“We sell 25 trailers at a time to Mckinney,” said Cheema. “We get money right away and the trailers don’t have to all be in the same place. We have multiple locations so that makes it much more convenient. We can drop them or Mckinney can pick them up. It makes it incredibly easy.”

Experience Matters

Mckinney attracts a lot of sellers because we’ve been working in the trucking industry for over 35 years. We know trucking is a relationship business, so we treat sellers as friends and build a relationship that’s mutually beneficial. Selling trailers to Mckinney removes a lot of the costs and headaches that can arise with wholesalers, dealers and banks. It’s an approach that customers have come to trust.

“When we’re planning growth strategy, we can’t always get equipment at the same time,” said Cheema. “Mckinney will help fill gaps before things we buy come in. They look out for us and know our needs. Compared to other leasing providers, Mckinney treats us like a partner, and we return that favor. They don’t nickel and dime us. Everything is pretty reasonable. That’s why we keep coming back.”

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