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Posted by Mckinney Team on Jul 22, 2022 12:29:08 PM

mckinney-truckWhat do you get when you combine supply chain issues, truck driver shortages and surging demand? An extremely challenging time to be in the business of transportation. In this environment, business leaders are constantly scrambling to secure the resources they need to meet customer expectations. Meanwhile, they must also keep an eye on costs as they steer toward business goals and objectives.

Mckinney may be most known for trailer rentals and leases, but our commitment and capabilities extend much further. We also provide transportation services, with semi-trailers, trucks and experienced drivers at the ready to help customers overcome supply chain and labor shortages.

Delivering in a Pinch

When yard management provider Lazer Spot acquired two large contracts with well-known global companies in California, failure was not an option.

Bob Wright, executive VP of fleet operations at Lazer Spot, knew he needed a reliable trailer rental company to not only deliver hundreds of trailers on a tight timeline but also navigate the transition of contracts from a previous provider to Lazer Spot — including inspections — all during the height of the pandemic when trailers were scarce. Wright was familiar with Mckinney from smaller dealings over the years but didn’t realize the full extent of the company’s pick-up, delivery and repositioning services until he spoke with Mckinney Branch Manager Eric Morrison.

“I knew immediately that I had found the solution,” Wright said. “Morrison and the Mckinney team were looking for ways to say yes rather than reasons to say no. They were very customer-focused.”

Confidence to Think Big

Wright said Mckinney was integral in helping Lazer Spot launch two of its largest contracts to date. During the dash to secure trailers from anywhere feasible and with the pressure of delivering on such pivotal contracts for Lazer Spot’s growth, communication was crucial. 

“They kept us informed every step of the way,” Wright said. “And in the end, they delivered big time.”

Lazer Spot has become North America’s largest provider of yard management services and solutions, working at more than 400 sites in the U.S. and Canada. The company manages the logistics of trucks and trailers at warehouses and manufacturing sites, enabling carriers to drop off their trailers and continue en route rather than wait for loading and unloading. Lazer Spot’s positive experience with Mckinney is a prime example of how semi-trailer leasing companies can fill equipment gaps for trucking companies and other related service providers. For Morrison, who continues to work closely with Lazer Spot, it all ties back to communication.

“Communication is tranquility,” Morrison said. “We make it a point to communicate openly and proactively. That’s what builds trust.”

Power & Patience

With trust comes accountability. Just like Wright held himself accountable for upholding his promises to customers, Morrison and the Mckinney team held themselves accountable for helping Wright and Lazer Spot succeed.

“We’re at our best when customers give us power and patience,” Morrison said. “Lazer Spot gave us the power to bring in assets from all over and the patience to let us work diligently within the time constraints.”

Morrison added a calming, almost Zen-like perspective that other customers might appreciate in high-pressure situations. “Just because we don’t have a trailer today, doesn’t mean we won’t have one tomorrow,” he said. “We will do everything in our power to get you the equipment you need.”

If It Comes From a Truck, It Needs a Driver

Even when there aren’t labor shortages (and especially when there are), companies are always in need of truck drivers. They’re the unsung heroes of transportation, and yet few trailer rental services have drivers available to deliver trailers. Wright assumed that Lazer Spot would need to interview, hire and onboard drivers while Mckinney sourced trailers. All the while, Morrison was operating under the assumption that Mckinney’s truck drivers would physically deliver the trailers to the required sites. Safe to say, Wright was pleasantly surprised.

Trailer Delivery Done Differently

If you’re familiar with typical trailer delivery services, it’s time to get unfamiliar and make the switch to Mckinney. We go the extra mile to provide trailer repositioning using our own trucks and drivers. Why? Because we know time is of the essence and timeliness of the utmost importance.

Put our resources to work for your business today and reach a new level of efficiency for tomorrow. Whether you’re interested in leasing, renting or simply wondering if we can meet your most pressing scheduling needs, we’re here to help. Speak with one of our experts or request a quote online.

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